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NEW Video - Access to HD Research

January 10, 2024

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:


Understanding what research is available for young people and families impacted by Huntington’s disease can be overwhelming and confusing. Participating in research is also a very personal decision. This video will provide information about what types of research are available to people in the HD community, and how you may access those opportunities. We hope you find this video helpful and informative as you contemplate participating in research. 

To view additional videos about clinical trials and what participating in an observational study is like, visit the HDYO Breaking Down Barriers YouTube Channel. Additional research opportunities and updates are available at HDYO.org. 

Breaking Down Barriers is sponsored by Teva PharmaceuticaluniQure, The Griffin Foundation, Neurocrine Biosciences, Roche and Sage Therapeutics

**Multiple languages will be offered on YouTube via closed captioning. 

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